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Friday, August 31, 2012

New mini album storage

Ok I admit, I have an addiction! An addiction to mini scrapbook albums. I made one to document a family vacation about five years ago then fast forward to today and I've accumulated a big collection of mini albums. From birthdays to trips to everyday things I didn't want to forget. They have overcomed most of my living room. What started with only one basket of mini's have now turned into three baskets FULL!
So last week, while shopping at my local Goodwill store for something else (don't you just love it when you go to the thrift store for a specific purpose only to score something totally different?) I found a large lined basket. I think it was meant to be a hamper or something but for $4 I knew exactly what I was going to use it for.
So I came home, washed the lining of the basket and with mini albums looking like this....

turned my collection to looking like this...

As you can see, now they're all in one place.

and I placed it in a shelf in my living room under my collection of scrapbook magazines that I've been published in and on top of that are some pictures of the family.

Now it's all in one place and still easily accessible, especially for little hands that likes to look at these books and reminisce about the fun times we've had.

and now I have three empty baskets that I can move to other parts of the house to organize our stuff or as my hubby calls it my "crap". LOL.

I also decided that I was going to retire some of my older mini albums. They won't go to the trash (oh the horror of that thought!) but instead they will be stored in a box tucked in my scrapbook room.
So the moral of the story today is.....(a) mini albums can be quite addiciting and you can accumulate a big chunk of them if you are not watching what you do, (b) thrift stores are a great place to score great finds like the extra large basket I got and (c) stuff organized in baskets is just enough to make my home look well-kept! That's my secret to organization. *wink*
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