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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Take Twelve- August Edition

Hi and Happy Thursday.

So Take Twelve....are you participating? What did you capture on August 12th? Here's mine....

Let me tell you first that I was feeling very exhausted when I woke up on Sunday. I have been in constant motion all through out last week so I opted to not start my picture taking till after I got back from church....

1. The kids all dressed up in their Sunday's best.
2. Both kiddos particicpated in Primary today. Maddie gave a talk and Marcus the scripture. Both did an awesome job.
3. After a late lunch, I decided to finally give my the body the rest it needed. Naptime for me :)
4. Marcus pondering on what he should write in his journal.
5. Getting some blog posts up and scheduled today.
6. We finally decided to harvest the cabbage Marcus' got as a plant earlier this year at school before the school ended. It was massive!
7. Measured the cabbage and it's about 9" wide. A-mazing!
8. Had grilled steak, mashed potatoes, beans and veggies for dinner. Yum!
9. Made strawberry smoothies for dinner as well. I added some flaxseed in it for extra fiber. The kids never knew of my sneaky tactics.
10. Planned the menu for the week. These are just some of the cookbooks I went through this time. I'm a sucker for recipe books.
11. Planned out my week. There's always so much to do that my brain can't remember them all, so I have to write it down.
12. Went through Marcus' new Bear Scout book. Still can't believe he's 9 now.

So there you have it. To learn more about Ella Publishing's Take Twelve Challenge, click here.

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