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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marcus @ Nine

Hi there. If you are a friend on facebook, then you've probably seen these photos but I know I have some family and friends that don't have a FB account so I'm resharing these here.

Marcus turned 9 last month and because he has a mama that is passionate about capturing moments and because I think he's growing up to be a very handsome fella, he got a special photoshoot for his birthday. Here's the result...

This one was a quick one. We literally hopped in the car one night, drove to a nearby empty lot and took these photos before the sun went down. Maddie came with us so it was a bit of a stress for me to get the shots I've envisioned. But I have to say that I've trained my kids well. Marcus was comfortable in front of the camera and gives me a nice smile everytime. Love him so. :)

we scored this big Star Wars hardbound book at the used book store and it's his favorite read right now.
In a recent visit to Goodwill, we found some Build-a-bears in excellent condition so we were able to get that for him too. Maddie got one as well. Each bear was only $2. Can't beat that!

and my favorite. This one makes his eyes sparkle which is my favorite feature of his.

So there you go. Some can say it's a curse having a mama for a photographer BUT for us it's another memory captured and will never be forgotten.

Have a great day.

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