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Thursday, August 30, 2012

latest Saturday excursion: Red Rock Canyon Open Space

The Saturday Excursions are back!!! If you were reading my blog last year, you know that for the first few months of the year, my family and I were going on day trips on Saturdays. We called it our Saturday excursions and it was a way for us to get to know our "new" hometown. It went away when our lives started getting busy with school and work and finally fizzled out by late last year.
This year has been a challenging one for our family so the excursions seemed to have been a thing of the past until last Saturday. Mitch finally had a day without any major homework to do and I was not slaving on my computer for photo edits or scrapbook work. The day was beautiful and so we planned to go outdoors. We went to Red Rock Canyon Open Space which we had already visited in the past. But this time we went through a different trail. It was a bit windy when we started off and Mitch was laughing at me and the kids for wearing jackets and sweaters. It might have been a bit over the top in my part to wear a jacket but in my defense it was COLD when I left the house!
After a few minutes of walking and the sun finally bursting out of the clouds, the kids and I would eventually take off our jackets and they will become a nuisance and extra baggage that we didn't really want to carry. But alas, lesson learned!
Here are some of the photos we captured during our hike...

my two little hikers. They finally got to use those water bottle slings I sewn up for them a few weeks ago. Marcus' was quite short so we will have to redo it for him. That boy just can't stop growing.

It was definitely a nice day to be outdoors. Beautiful blue skies and a great weather welcomed us at the trail head.

I'm not the only one in the family that "makes" things. My ever so talented hubby made me my hiking stick which included an engraving of my name. cool huh?!

Marcus was in his element around here cause he can explore and climb rocks.

Maddie took it upon herself to notice every flower in sight and pick a few as we walk past them. Here we put a tiny pink one over her ear cause it matched her pink shirt.

The Red Rock Canyon Open Space used to be a rock quarry.You can see the evidence of this in the picture above where there's defined grooves in the side of this big rock behind the family.

You can also see a good view of the Garden of the Gods from Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

We went for a longer trail and we got to see this beautiful view. A vast land full of hills, trees,valleys and beautiful mountains inthe backdrop.

Here's the Garden of the Gods view again a little bit more close up.

We also noticed that the some of the leaves were turning into fall colors already. Time flies so fast!

it was a bit hard taking nice photos of the foliage and flowers because the wind was blowing hard at times but I did manage to photograph this sunflower .

and here's the family nearing the end of the trail.

it was a fun day and there's more to this trip but I will share that in another post. Let's just say that we took advantage of this time together and made it a full day's worth of memories. Stay tune!

Till next time,

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