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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The kid's Piano lessons

So remember when I talked about my birthday gift this year? how it's been my dream to bring the 'gift of music' to my home? Well I'm continuing to keep this dream alive this fall by starting the kids with some Piano lessons.
Now let me start off by saying that I had only one year of formal piano lessons and that was ages ago BUT I also know that paying someone to give my kids' lessons was not in the budget right now. So with the help of my trustee google search...I looked for ways where I can start teaching the kids the basics by myself. Luckily I found this website and in there was a printable beginner's piano workbook in pdf format which is downloadable for free.
It was 31 pages long and I knew that if I printed it off through my home printer, it will cost me a big chunk of ink so I went to my local copy store, was able to snag a coupon for 4.5 cent per b&w copy and got the books printed that way. During this same trip, I also got some FHE lessons printed off (over 100 pages) that I will share in a later post. Over 100 pages for 4 1/2 cents per page. Not bad and I didn't have to use up my printer ink. Lovely!
So back to the workbooks...I used some of my thick cardstocks to use as front and back covers and then binded it all together with my bind-it-all machine. These are the times when I can happily show off my finished projects to hubby and emphasized what a great blessing it is to have all of my srapbook supplies. *wink* I then labeled the books in the front with letter stickers. I didn't decorate these books because (a) it's not what the outside looks like that matters but what the kids will be learning inside that counts and (b) I feel like it's the kids' books so they can decorate it however way they want if they wish to do so.
Now that the workbooks were done, it was time to do the actual learning. I figured that with our schedules (school, scouts, church callings) Tuesdays and Thursdays will work best for our lessons. Each kid will get a one on one lesson from me for 30 minutes while the other works on their homework. There will be no TV or playing this time which will "hopefully" give the kids the focus they need. Here are some pictures from our very first lesson....

what I love about these workbooks is that they are very simple to understand and all the basics are being covered. For today's lesson we worked on learning the treble and bass clef. They even got to practice writing the symbols on their own.

So that's it. I know this post is kinda long but I try to write all the things I need to remember so I can later use these words as my journaling for when I finally scrapbook this piece of family memory. Happy Tuesday.

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