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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Helicopter sighting at the library

So my kids and I have been a creature of habits. We have a routine and it's crazy but we get a bit "cranky" when our routines break. One of the things we do is...Friday visits to the library. Back in Cali, it was Wednesday since the kids have minimum day at school and then when we moved here it became Fridays since there's no homework to worry about in the afternoon. Well this Summer, we continued the routine and in this particular Friday library trip..we didn't realize that the Library was having a great end of Summer party. They had booths from their many sponsors, jumpers and all sorts of fun activities for the kids. We didn't know this and only realized the event when we drove to a very packed parking lot. Luckily we remembered a neighborhood park that was behind the library. We parked their and walked towards our destination. Not long into our short hike did we hear a helicopter fast approaching location. We found out that a helicopter was one of the "attractions" during this party.

It was fun to see it fly down into the field and as soon as the propellers stop and the pilots gave the people the go signal, everyone, especially kids, flocked the helicopter for a ride on it. I suggested to Marcus that he gets on the line, but he didn't seem to be interested in it. He said to me that if it'll fly, then he'll brave the lines and actually want to ride it. Funny kid. I had left my camera in the car at this time so we just headed inside the Library and gathered all of our books and videos.

When we got done with our Library trip, we headed back to the park and found a spot to eat our packed lunch. By this time, I have grabbed my camera from the car and I just barely made it back to our spot when we started hearing the helicopter starting up, getting ready to fly out. I quickly headed back to the field and captured these images....

It was neat seeing the helicopter up close. I didn't get anything really close as I only had my 35mm lens here but I was happy that I was still able to capture this moment. These are the times when I would debate in my head the advantages of a point and shoot camera. But alas, I can't get myself to go back to the point and shoot delay. Oh well.

Oh and I didn't edit the skies here. That's how beautiful the skies look here in our "neck of the woods". One of the many things I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about my area.

Happy Tuesday.

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