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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Knitted scarf

I am a creature that can't sit still. Seriously I think I have ADD. It's not a bad thing but sometimes it drives me crazy that I can't be doing two things at one time. Multi tasking have become my middle name. LOL.

So as you know my kids did a two week swim class in a nearby High School pool. A couple of days before we were to start that program, I got to thinking that I would NEED something to keep myself busy while the kids were in the water. I needed something that I can do while I can keep my eye on them. Clearly reading a book won't do because I'd have to keep my eye on what I'm reading for me to get anything out of it and I can't really do any papercrafting for fear that water would get near my projects. So after some thoughts, I turned to knitting.

I'm not sure if knitting is considered a Summer project but I went with it anyways. I have had this multicolored yarn for a while now. I believe I scored it at Big Lots in their dollar per skein bucket. I had two skeins and the yarn was a thin kind so I went with my #6 needles. I didn't have a pattern to follow but I've made scarves for the kids before so I decided to do it my own way. I wanted it to be skinny and long so I casted 20 stitches and did a simple knit "stitch" until I didn't have any more yarn.

Here's the result....(photos courtesy of my loving hubby. He's been doing well getting the images I've envisioned with just a few instructions.)

I honestly didn't plan to have the colors line up the way they did. Like I said this particular yarn I got was multicolored and I didn't know that my 20 stitch pattern would make the colors line up perfectly. Lucky me!

Oh and if you're wondering if I got this done within the 2 week swim class...no I didn't. I got it done just about a week ago. :)

If you are looking for some knitting projects to do, you can always stop by my Pinterest board- Yarn love to get some inspirations. :)

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