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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shamrock Pinwheels

Today I have been officially been in Colorado Springs for 3 months. In that span of time, I've gone through 5 major snow falls (in my opinion), visited about 7 unique places, learned how to adjust my baking/cooking time to higher altitude, my phone has become an instant accessory of which I talk to my family members almost everyday and I have learned that although my car (Ford Expedition) can do a lot of things....it CANNOT be driven in snow.
Mitch just bravely tried it on Monday when he took Marcus to wrestling and found out the hard way when he was pulling up our steep driveway and started sliding down sideways and hit his truck, breaking the back headlights.
He was irritated at this and what was my reaction?....a sly smile. I knew it and even told him about it but I guess he needed to find it out by himself. Oh the life we live now in Colorado!

So anyways today I wanna share a small home decor project I made recently with St. Patrick's day in mind...

Shamrock Pinwheels

remember this spot where I had placed a flower topiary last month? Well I've removed that and in it's place made this.

I just took a some pattern papers, preferably double sided ones, cut slits on the corners, folded it to the center and added a brad to hold it. I then added that pinwheel with brad through some Popsicle sticks which I punched a small hole through with my crop-a-dile. and voila, easy peasy pinwheels.

this small container was a recycled packaging container that I covered with pattern paper. For the shamrock design, I punched out three small hearts, adhered them to look like the lucky leaf, stuck a pearl in the middle and scribbled a little stem on the bottom.

and this is where it stands right now. I turned my milk glass container upside down to give the pinwheel a stand since it's kinda short.

So that's it for me on this Thursday morning. Have a great day.

Till next time,

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