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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Green eggs and ham

Since March is where we celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday, Marcus' school had a "wacky Wednesday" last week. The kids were told to wear wacky clothes (if they so desired) and of course my boy didn't want to be a part of any of that. He can be soooo boring at times. But I didn't push the issue, I figured if he didn't like it, it'll just be a bad day if I forced him to participate.

Anyways he said that for lunch that day (March 2nd) the lunch people made green eggs and ham. He thought that was the coolest thing. He doesn't get lunch at school because I pack him his own (it's cheaper and healthier for him that way) so he didn't get to "taste" it.

I told him to not worry and that we'll have our own Green eggs and ham breakfast on Saturday. We usually have cereal and milk on weekday mornings and Saturday's the only time I make a hot meal.

So on the following Saturday this is what we ate for breakfast....

The kids got a kick out of the color of the eggs. At first they didn't want to eat their eggs. The color grossed them out. Oooppss maybe I put too much food coloring in it! But after some pushing from us they eventually ate it and they loved the new twist to the regular eggs and ham breakfast.
Oh and the bread looked a bit different in shape because for the past month I've been making my own bread. I'm trying to learn new things and breadmaking is one of them. I love how this saves us money and at the same time I feel like the bread I make tastes better and is a bit denser not that light almost tearable ones we get at the store.

So that's our way of celebrating Dr. Seuss birthday this month. A breakfast consisting of green eggs, ham and some toast. Plus we recently read "Wacky Wednesday" again.

Thanks Dr. Seuss for fun stories we can share for generations to come.

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