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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do I live a sad scrappy life?

Just finished reading this book the other day.

It was a light hearted and clean read. Plus all the scrapbook references made in the book just made me feel like I'm reading part of my life. I really liked it.

But it made me question something....you see the main character loved to scrapbook with her sisters and her mom has a "studio" in their home that the girls all create in. It's one of those "store" like rooms, kinda like mine. LOL.

Anyways she moved to a big city to follow her dreams and on a trip back to her hometown, she realized how much she enjoys scrapbooking with her sisters. She went back to the big city only to find that there are no groups that get together to scrap. She mentioned how sad it must be for scrapbookers that don't get together with other crafters to create.

Now my question to you....if you don't mind chiming in is....is it sad for a die hard scrapbooker like me that I have not "cropped" with anybody for years? I create pretty much everyday but it's been years that I've actually scrapbooked with somebody. Do I live a sad scrapping life?

Over the years, I have found that it's most convenient for me to scrapbook alone because (a) I can pick up a project anytime I have the extra minutes to spare (b) my stuff is so much that I don't think I can pack for a crop anymore and (c) I don't want the hassle of finding someone to watch my kids while I scrapbook somewhere else.

But then again, am I missing the bonding time with other scrappers that I could have if I were to go to a crop?

I guess I'm just rambling too much. Blame it on these....

Yes, spent another grueling morning yesterday at the dentist chair and these are the only things that are keeping me from crashing today.

Till next time,

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Jennifer Priest said...

I started scrapbooking alone but for me now more than ever, it is about the social aspect. That is why I like teaching classes. I get out there and interact with people. I try to go to crops at least once a month but sometimes it may be every other month. I also host crops at my own house so I don't have to drive. I save my DT work and class work for home where I need to be serious. At crops I made cards from scraps, organize things, or just make personal pages with the extra photos I have or gifts for family. I guess it depends on you. Do you feel like that interaction is missing or are you just fine with how things are now? If you think something is missing, go crop. but if not, then do what you're doing. hth.