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Friday, March 25, 2011

Got things on my mind....

can I just unload my brain of overwhelming things? just for today.....

I have to....
clean my house. Can't stand it that I'm behind on cleaning. I got the kids to help me out on Monday but the perfectionist in me is struggling that the tabletops are not fully cleared of dust and the mirrors and windows have a weird streak still on them.

Finish all my April projects. I can't stand that I only have one more week of March. I like it when I'm done with April before it even starts.

Start sewing up some costumes and painting some simple sceneries on butcher paper. The whole family is a part of an Easter program at church and I've been collecting props and supplies for our presentation and now I'm down to the wire to get it all put together in time for the activity.

Upload all the photos that I've been taking this week. This week was the kid's Spring break and we have not been taking any break from fun! There's about 300 photos to sort through.

and I want to......
Get halfway done with the knitting project I've started. I'm attempting to make my very first sampler knit blanket/throw. So far I've only done one block and halfway on the second.

Bake and cook. Watching too much cooking shows and I'm itching to try new recipes.

change my blog banner. It's springtime already and I'm tired of seeing my feet on snow photo.

Take a trip to Goodwill. There's a few ideas in my mind that I want supplies for.

Whew! That helped a little. Sometimes I wonder how people that are fulfilling their dreams do it? There's so many moments this week where I feel like just retreating in my scrapbook room to create but then there's things that I HAVE to do first!

Enough of that!

Before I leave, let me leave you with a batch of Spring themed cards...

In my hopes of trying new things this year....I joined in a card swap in my lss. We were to make 10 cards (of the same design) and then we'll get 10 other cards back.

I thought it was a great idea of using some supplies that I've been holding on to plus when I get the cards that the other swap ladies have made, I will hopefully get some new techniques and ideas that I might not have known before.

I'm not sure how good my cards were compared to the other ones that have participated. We shall see. I'm suppose to get my share of the swap by tomorrow. I'll let you know how that turns out.

So that's it. Sorry for some of the absence here. As you can see, my life is filled. Filled with blessings and duties. Now off to check some of those "duties" off!

Have a great weekend.

Till next time,

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Nati Tristan said...

I'm sorry you are so overwhelmed! I hope it words out better for you. But those cards are adorable!