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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Irish dinner

Sorry I've been a bit MIA lately at the blog. I've been trying to cope up with a nasty cold plus my tooth extraction was still bothering me. And here I thought I was bionic woman! :(

Anyways, I have ton of stories to share and I'll start with my Irish dinner....

On Wednesday, we had the LDS missionaries for dinner. We try to invite them to our home once a month and since the dinner fell a day before St. Patrick's day, I thought an Irish dinner would be a fun theme.

I enjoy it when we have the missionaries over. There's only two more people to feed that means, I don't have to scale my dishes too much; I can put out my nice china (I only have plate settings for 6) and I get to experiment on new dishes. I'm very happy that so far, my experiments have turned out edible enough and that the missionaries plus my family are still willing to be my guinea pigs.

I bought some green plastic necklaces at the party supply store for about 30 cents a piece and used that to loosely wrap the table napkins. These necklaces also became my party favors. Now, I don't go all out all the time when it comes to our missionary dinners but this time I felt the need to just be a "tad" overboard. *wink*

Here's the dishes I made.....

Irish Soda Bread with raisins

Steamed green beans

Glazed corned beef. I got the recipe for this dish from a lady I met at Maddie's Preschool in California. She made it one time for our class (during a St. Patrick's day celebration) and I've been wanting to make one myself. It was super easy and very delicious. This corned beef was about 4 lbs. which, according to the recipe, will feed 8-10 people. There were 4 adults and two kids at our dinner table that night and there were no leftovers of this meat. What does that mean? either we loved it so much that we over ate or the recipe scale was a bit off.

Colconnan. I did a bit of research for authentic Irish meal and this mashed potatoes/cabbage combo was a popular one that people served with their Corned beef. It was good. The recipe told me to put the cooked dish and make a well in the middle for the melted butter. Being that this was my first time to make it, I followed it to the T. I don't really know the reason why they'd have the melted butter in the middle, just before serving we mixed it up so that the butter can be mixed all through out the dish.

With my research, I found out that most of the desserts for an authentic Irish dinner had Irish beer in them. I didn't want to serve a dish with some alcohol in it (wether it's going to be cooked or not) to my guests so I made a simple Key Lime Pie. Hey, it's green and I think that still counts!

So that was our Irish experience. I can definitely say that the Irish people have some great food.

Till next time,

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Lori said...

Hi Grace, your glazed corned beef looks yummy. Please share the recipe. I like any dish that taste good and is super easy to prepare. ~Lori T.