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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break- Tuesday

On Tuesday, Mitch was still home and the wind started picking up. He decided it was the perfect time to visit one of the nearby parks and fly some kites. So in the morning we went to Hobby Lobby, purchased some kits, made some picnic lunch and off we walked to the park....

The park is pretty close to the house but since our area is surrounded by hills, the hike was a bit challenging at times.

When we finally got to the park, it was nice. Nobody was there! We will soon find out (the hard way) why nobody was there. Here's Maddie testing out the playground.

As soon as we got to the park, the wind picked up BIG TIME! It was super cold just standing and we couldn't keep our food from flying off the picnic table. Luckily there was a baseball field with two dug outs next to the playground. We huddled in one of the dugouts and ate our lunch there. I've been making my bread for the past two months and I made my ham sandwiches (that we brought with us) with them. While eating, Mitch commented that the sandwich, specifically the bread, reminded him of the wheat bread he used to eat when he was a kid. He said that wheat bread tends to get harder in time and you have to chew a lot with it. I jokingly asked him if he was going to throw the sandwich I made up on the roof of the dugout. That's something he used to do with the wheat sandwiches his mom used to make. Yup, he was a bit naughty growing up. Hehehehe!

I still can't get over how in the pictures, the sky looks so clear and mellow but it was super windy that day!

I have to say that Mitch's plan was good in theory but we were pretty much miserable the whole time we were at the park. The pictures doesn't show it, but it was extremely cold that day!

Here's Maddie flying her kite.

As you can see, my little girl was bundled up while enjoying her kite flying experience.

And finally after an hour of miserable, cold time at the park (the kite flying was the only fun thing about this trip) we walked home.

Our warm home was so inviting by the time we got there. So that's Tuesday.

Stay tune!

Till next time,

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Nati Tristan said...

Those look like fabulous pictures!