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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring break- Monday

Ok so now that Spring Break is over, I can finally write up my long list of things to do and hopefully get them done knowing that I have one less child to worry/entertain for the day and that we are finally going back to some type of routine.

But before I go gung-ho on my "list", let me share with you the "fun" that we had this past week. I know I sound grumpy that the kids' had Spring Break but you have to understand, that's just me. I've been known to be a big whiner! In all honesty, Spring break was a blast and here's the proof.....

Warning: Because we were doing something every single day, I've decided to break it down. So there are photos and stories galore in the next 6 posts. You might want to sit back, grab a snack or two and hopefully enjoy your reading.....

Here we go...

Monday was laundry and grocery shopping day for me. Mitch was home and it was a nice day, weatherwise, so the kids played out in the front yard in the morning while Mitch tried to wash his truck.

We've been talking about how we think Marcus needs to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels and this morning, Mitch tried to teach Marcus a bit.

At first, he didn't have a helmet and I got a bit scared. Our street is on a hill and I was afraid for him while he tried to cruise down the street. Thankfully Mitch remembered where the helmets were and he quickly got one for Marcus.

While Mitch was doing some bike riding lessons with Marcus, he put Maddie to work on starting the wash on his truck. Aint' this girl a big helper?!

Here's our wonderful dad in teaching action!

I think he got too much teaching action that he was making the bike screeched because of his weight!

After a few attempts on riding the bike, Marcus decided that it's enough of that and got on the skateboard instead.

and of course Mitch couldn't let Marcus have all the fun. Here he is, trying it out for himself.

So that's the fun for Monday.

Stay tune!

Till next time,

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Nati Tristan said...

Hahaha those pictures on teh skateboard look so fun!