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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Leprechaun came....

For St. Patrick's Day, Marcus didn't have any school because of Parent-teacher conference. Since both kids were going to be home, I decided to do a little bit of "green" fun with them.

We started off by decorating some bags, St. Patrick's day style.

I got these small white bags from the party store. I believe it was 2 for $1. I also picked up a shamrock sticker pack for a buck.

I used my protractor to make curves so the kids can make a rainbow on their bags. Maddie added a pot of gold on the end of one of her rainbow.

While Marcus placed his underneath the rainbow and flooded his bag with shamrock stickers.

Maddie even added a leprechaun on hers.

While they were making their bags, I went in the backyard and scattered some "gold" chocolates. Both my kids don't believe in Leprechauns (I had to tell Maddie that he's make believe after she freaked out about Leprechauns a couple of years ago while in a preschool party) so it was easy for me to be the "little man with gold" that morning.

Using the bag they decorated, they were off to gather the gold treats.

The party store was selling candy in bulk and I was able to purchase small gold candies like rolo's and kisses without spending way too much money on candy. I also got them each a pack of gold coin covered chocolates.

and here are the two happy "gold" collectors.

It was definitely a fun morning. Maybe we'll make it a tradition!

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