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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All about a boy

this post is dedicated to my wonderful son, who at times baffles me at how smart he's become when it comes to the Gospel and also on how fast he picks up on things of the world. Sometimes I wonder if the latter will outweigh the first being that right now he's dream job when he grows up is to own a video game store so as he puts it in his own words...."so I can play video games all day long!". But for now I'm hoping that it'll just be a phase.....just a simple "boy" phase!!!

He's been keeping busy lately with things 'other' than video games and here's some of pics to show for them.....

In the beginning of February we got a flyer from his school about a 10-week Wrestling program that is being held at the local high school for kids grade 1-8. When I saw it, I immdediately asked him if he wanted to sign up. The answer was no but after Mitch got a hold of the flyer, there was no question he was signing up. (background....Mitch wrestled in High school and is a huge MMA fan)

So we bought him some shoes and for about 6 weeks (when we signed him up,the course was already starting) on Monday and Thursday afternoons (5-6pm) he was going to wrestling practice.

Mitch usually took him so I can cook while they're at wrestling. But there's also times when I've had to take him bec. Mitch was still at work. I didn't mind since I was able to take photos of Marcus hard at work. My family just had to eat later on those days. :)
So the session is done but the coaches have high hopes for next season and even going to start the program in October instead of January like what they did this year. We are hoping this will help Marcus mature a bit and he'll be able to understand sportsmanship better.

Marcus was not only working on being physically active, but he was also practicing his reading a lot by participating in the Karate reading program at school. In the beginning of February, the teachers for 1st and 2nd graders implemented a reading program for the month to inspire the kids to read, read, read. Everytime they read 5 books, they go up a color on belt, just like in Karate. And last week they had their recognition day.

Here's Marcus shaking his teacher's (Mrs. Larson) hands after receiving the green belt certificate. Green belt meant that he was able to read 20 books for the duration of the program.

Here he is shaking a girl who is training in the Olympics for rifle shooting (who was the guest speaker for the event). We have an Olympic training facility in town so there's a few Olympians living in the area.

At the end of the program, the teachers held up a banner which stated how many books the kids (in total) have read for the month. That was definitely a whopping huge number.

I was floored at how many books some of these kids read. Marcus' number was on the whimpy side. The kids that have earned their black belts read 70 books. Now that's understandable but can you believe this....there were some that earned a black belt with three red stripes that have read 110 books in the month. It was unbelievable. Either they read preK books or that's all they did all day! At first I was proud of the 20 that my son read, I mean that makes it about 5 books a week in 4 weeks. I honestly thought that was a good number but after going through the recognition day I felt that we didn't push the reading enough. Oh well,I guess we have next year to redeem ourselves. oh the competitiveness in me!!!

So that's it. Our boy, our sweet, loving boy is growing up and trying all sorts of things. Things that hopefully will make him an upstanding member of society one day. :)

***ooopppss totally forgot to say Thank you for all the wonderful comments coming my way because of the announcement of the new Glue Arts DT and being in the GCD Studios Guest DT list. It seems like I have been in cloud 9 for the entire month of March and it's not even over yet. I feel so blessed and thank you all for celebrating with me. :)******

Till next time,

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Nati Tristan said...

Congrats on such an achieving son. Handsome and lucky to have such a creative mom!