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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break- Wednesday

and then Wednesday rolled through.

For today we tried a new fast food joint close to our home...

We don't have Culver's in California so this was a new experience for us. They pride themselved with butter burgers and custards. Here was my lunch- a single beef, three cheese butterburger, fries and soda.

their kid's meal included a cup of custard and we got to taste it. It was very good! Lighter than ice cream but more flavorful than your typical soft serve. Everyday they have different flavors of the day. On our visit they had the turtle one which has pecans, caramel and some chocolate included in the custard. Yummy!

then after that we went and visited the Air Force Academy.

Our home is just 5 minutes away from the south gate of the academy. So close!

They had some war planes on display in the grounds. Can you see Mitch in this photo? I took it this way so you can have an idea of how big these planes were. Sooo cool!!!

We stopped by the visitor center, where we toured their little exhibit and watched a movie about life in the academy. Interesting stuff!

The patches were fascinating to look at.

After that we took a 1/3mile trail to their Chapel. Don't you think this is some kind of Architectural marvel?

and here's the look inside. The Chapel had two floors. The top one (shown in this photo) caters to Protestants.

The angles on the spires and walls are just so fascinating.

and here's the bottom which caters to Jewish, Catholics and Buddhists.

It's interesting bec. the glass panels behind Marcus and Mitch can't be seen outside of the building.

Then they had an area where they have scaled down replicas of war aircrafts.

We went through the grounds and ended up at the North gate where, just before the gate, they had a B-52 displayed. Here's my family doing some jumping action.

It was definitely a great experience to see some history and learn of how great an educational institution the Air Force Academy is. I wouldn't mind if Marcus can get in there. :)

Stay tune!

Till next time,

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Nati Tristan said...

Gosh! you are having a wonderful spring break! God Bless!