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Friday, August 16, 2013

Pirate's Cove Summer 2013 Visit

So last year we discovered a fun water park in Colorado. It's not as big as the famous "Water World" and it's not that pricey either. It was just the right size for us. At the end of May this year, I got an email from Pirate's Cove letting me know of their admission deals. I couldn't pass it up so we purchased one. I was so excited about the deal that I shared the link to one of our good friends and she purchased a pass for her family as well. 

Our Summer turned out to be quite busy so we had a hard time finding the right Saturday that would work for both our families so we can go together. Good thing we had August 10th open for both of us and so we penciled it in. I was worried that mother nature won't let us enjoy this day but thankfully she cooperated and we had a sunny day to enjoy our time at the water park. Because water and camera don't mesh well, I had very little time to capture the day, but here is a glimpse of our fun filled trip to Pirate's Cove...

We got their quite early (it was my fault for not checking the time better) but it was a good thing as we were one of the first ones to walk in the park and we secured a good spot, under the shade, for our stuff. While in the line to wait, we got everyone lathered up with sunscreen so the kids could just "dive" in the water as soon as we got in. It was a great move because the wait made the kids even more anxious to start playing in the water. 

 We feel so blessed to have found a family that have the same age kids as ours. Nobody was bored and each had a "buddy" to hang out with. :)

Mitch is always so kind to offer to photograph me. It's not anything "fancy" but the fact that I can be included in our photo memories makes me happy. Oh and that big bucket behind me dumps water every so often. The kids loved that part. 

Here are our dear friends.... The S family

And a pic of our family....as I looked at this picture, the first thing that popped into my head is how fast my children are growing. Marcus is almost as tall as me and he's still in Elementary!

and the kiddos after a day of swimming and fun.

We only go here once a year but it's always a blast. Pirate's Cove...see you next year!

Till next time,

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Christy Smith said...

What a fun day! We had such a great time with you guys. We're so glad we moved in behind you! :)