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Sunday, May 29, 2011

This is why I do what I do....

Happy Sunday. Hope everyone's enjoying their long holiday weekend.
Lately my children, especially Maddie, has been fascinated with stories of what they were like when they were little. There still little by the way, but I guess since they don't remember anything about their baby days, they wanna know everything about that point.
Thank goodness for scrapbooks that I've kept for them that we can easily pull out certain volume/s (oh yeah there's volumeS) and reminisce. I enjoy this time tremendously especially when they asks me to read the journaling I wrote about that specific layout.

Last week, Marcus had the desire to look at his scrapbooks. I took some shots of this moment. They're not the best photos as I was having a problem with my lighting (I still can't quite find the right formula for night photos + flourescent lighting). Anyways here's some shots.....

I love how Marcus is at the age now where he can read the journalings himself. Of course he needs help once in a while but this whole moment just brings me so much joy.

and here's Maddie peeking into.

Even Mitch came down and looked at some family scrapbooks.

These moments reaffirms my belief in the value of OUR scrapbooks. It's not just about putting photos and papers together, or worrying about adding the latest embellishments or techniques in our pages or even agonizing if the pages are "magazine" worthy.

It's all about preserving family memories and leaving some type of legacy of love to our future posterity. My heart is full today. Full of love for my family, our memories together and the beauty and blessing of scrapbook and papercrafting in our lives.

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Oh BTW, I will make a tutorial for the matchbook album next week. Stay tune for that. *wink*

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Audrey Pettit said...

You're so right! This is exactly why we all started scrapbooking. :) Love, love that your kids are enjoying their books. Hope you fill them up with many more happy memories.