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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Olympics Training Center

I can't believe it's already Wednesday! Sorry I've been a bit MIA here, with school getting out at the end of the week, a lesson to prepare for Sunday and a graduation to attend to on Saturday, my long list of to-do seemed to be the only thing I can focus on right now.

But thankgoodness for a bit of a break, I can share with you some photos and notes on a little trip we took down to the Olympic Training Center located in the center of Colorado Springs.

About three weeks ago, (yes I know i'm super late on this one) we toured the OTC for our routine Saturday excursion. It was so close to home that we couln't pass up the chance to see this center.

We went on a tour through the 30 something acre enclosed training center and the tour guide mentioned that the rings in the olympic symbol has at least one color from the flags of all participating nations. Cool huh?!

The one thing that we still yet to get use to around here is the weather. As you can see Maddie has a thick jacket and gloves on and yet it was sunny. Sometimes eventhough the sun is out, it's super windy. So we always bring jackets here wherever we go.

Marcus peeking through the Olympic rings.

I had the kids' jump when I took this photo. I wanted them to match the jumping lifesize bronze sculptures behind them.

this is another neat sculpture we saw.

this one can be seen inside the visitor center.

The family squeezing inside a toboggan.

A photo to show how we were touring the site. There were a bunch of people in our group but the guide had a great voice that we heard him everytime.

Here's a photo of one of the many indoor courts they had there. This is a long court and if you notice the blue things on the sides of the photos, those are the partitions they've used so three different games/groups can use the space at one time.

and of course, the tour won't be complete without taking a shot of my gold, silver and bronze medalists. :)

All over the grounds of the center, they've built flag poles where they've put each Olympic participating nation's flag. All throughout our tour, I was searching for a specific one and just before the tour ended, I found it. Can you guess which flag it was?

It's the Philippine flag. The nation where I was born and raised in. :)

and just because I love taking photos, here's a collage of more schtuff that I took a photo of......

The tour wasn't too long for the kids, only about 30-45 minutes and the best part of it all....it was FREE!!!

We love that!

So that's it. Got more stuff to share and I'll do that in another post.

Till next time,


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