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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bike Riding

I know I've complained too much abou the snow in May around here but I have to also mention that in between the snow, we've had sunshine. And what better way to soak up the sun than riding bikes!

I've mentioned my recent addiction to Goodwill in a past post and last week, on my what seems to have becoming a "weekly" visit there, Maddie and I spotted a cool bike with training wheels. It was the perfect height for her and it seemed like it was in great condition still. The best part of it.....was it's tag price....a mere $12! SOLD!

Maddie was so happy with her bike. She wanted to ride it back home right then and there! I wanted to get Marcus one too but I couldn't gauge the right bike for him without him being there with me so Mitch took him later that day but didn't see one for him so we ended up getting his at Walmart. It wasn't such a steal of a deal but if you know walmart, you know that it was a reasonable price too.

So now that both kids have their bikes, Mitch would take them, after dinner, to a nearby parking lot to practice. Why not our street? well our house is situated in a hill. The kids' would have a hard time trying to balance and control the bikes with the incline.

Here's some photos of our bike loving kids...

Marcus picked this bike. It totally screams "boy"! I'm so proud of him riding without training wheels anymore.

the only thing he needs to work on is his stopping. He can't seem to stop on time. He'd has a few incidents of hitting light posts because of this.

and here's Maddie with her "girly" bike. It has a bell and she's super excited about that.

Mitch got a new bike too. Why you ask? Well my dear adventurous husband rides his bike around our area as part of his workout/exercise. Well this day, he rode it in this trail that has inclines. He said that his tire bent while he was sliding down the hill. Luckily he knows how to fall from his bike "gracefully" that he didn't hurt himself but he had to push his bike all the way home after that. The tire on the back was so bent, he couldn't get back on it and ride it. Oh the many adventures my daring husband goes through!!!

I love my bike riding family!

Where's my bike you ask? well I'm ashamed to admit this but after an incident that happened a few years back in which I still carry an embedded "spokes" scar on my leg, my bike riding days are over.

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Nati Tristan said...

Oh man! $12 bucks!!! What a steal! Those are some fun pictures. I hope you end up changing your mind and start bike riding again! Accidents happen.. plus... Your kids would love to bike ride with you!