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Friday, May 27, 2011

Heritage matchbooks

I'm off to help out at Marcus' school today for their end of year party. They're supposed to have some pizza and rootbeer floats for lunch plus a water balloon fight! It'll be an interesting scene to watch 2nd graders have a water balloon fight.

But before I head out, let me share with you a small project I made in connection with the young women lesson (young girl's sunday school) I'm going to give on Sunday. The topic is about Heritage. Part of the lesson is the question..."What kind of an ancestor will you be?" This got me thinking of making a small journal for the girls to take home where they can jot down their feelings/thoughts about the question prompt.

I made twelve books. Another blessing of having scrapbook supplies in abundance at my home, there's plenty of supplies to make projects like these. There's an average of 10 girls that come but I made a couple of extras just to be on the safe side.

Making matchbook type mini's are not a new thing. I'm sure you guys will find easy to follow steps online. If I have the time next week and if there's some interest (just let me know through the comment section) I'll make a tutorial for this here in the blog. :)

I inserted about 6 pieces of cardstock for every book. I think this will be a goon enough amount of paper where the girls can jot down their thoughts.

here's the look of the inside. On the inside panel of the front cover, I printed this quote which is part of the lesson, cut it out and then added it to the book.

another view.

and one last peek.

So there you have it. I know this might be a good idea to share and I'm sorry I'm just posting this on a Friday when the lesson is on Sunday. I'll try to think ahead in the future so there's more time for people to try my handout ideas too. :)

Have a great weekend.

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This is so cute. I would love to know how you make them :)