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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!!!

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Yes it's our special day my fellow scrappers. Today we get the excuse of hunkering down in our "creative spaces" (if we are so blessed to have one) and scrapbook our hearts out. Make sure you check out your fave scrapbook websites, blogs and facebook pages too as I'm sure there's a plethora of fun and prizes instore out there.

As for me, today I don't think I'm going to be spending ALL my day at my sb room as it's Saturday and the family and I usually go out and explore today.

But I want to share with you some layouts that I did recently. It is after all, Scrapbooking day, and what better way to celebrate that some layout share. :)

Summer Bowling

Last summer, I signed up the kids at a program where you can go to a participating bowling alley and the kids can bowl for free. Really great program. Check that out here.
Anyways in this page, I documented our fun with pictures, words and some handmade bowling accents. I'm not one to make my own accents but I thought that making some bowling balls and pins weren't going to be too difficult to make and I like how it turned out.

Grandma's Love

We all have that special grandma in our lives and my kids are lucky to have two! Here's a page that I did about their Grandma Tolman. She has definitely enriched my kids' lives (and so does my mom, just so you know)
Here I used a new Cricut cartridge (mother's day bouquet) to make the paper flowers. I layered a few together and then lifted them up more with foam dots.

Garage Sale

Last year today, we had a garage sale at our old home. Here's a layout documenting this "family activity". It was very interesting what people think things cost at a garage sale.
I used some star rubons on this page because stars reminds me a lot about sales. Oh and isn't that epoxy tree sticker just so cute?!

Fear of Heights

Here's a page about me and my fear of heights. It's very delibitating sometimes but I've come to manage it the best I can.
Recognize the photo? that's the same one I have in my blog banner up top!

Temple Tuesdays

Last year, when we were still in Cali and both kids were going to school. I had the blessing of going to the Temple once a week with my mother in law. It was definitely a great blessing to me as I was going through some rough time dealing with my husband being away from us and our old home in the long process of selling. I feel that I've gained so much strenght just being inside the Lord's house at that time.
As for the page, I used some scraps here. I gathered strips of paper and weaved them to make that bottom part of the page. I tried not to crowd the page too much so I opted for a hidden journaling block which is behind the focal point photo.

So that's it. I hope you enjoy your day and if you are new to this blog or to scrapbooking, I suggest you give it a try.Find what you "love" about the craft and make that your mantra/vision for plugging along with your pages/projects. I know, with talking to a lot of people, that scrapbooking sometimes can be quite intimidating or frustrating. I say, if you have a vision/mantra/main reason why you're doing this, thinking about that when things get tough will always bring back the joy in what you do. Believe me, I still do that and it works everytime!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Tigerberry said...

Happy national Scrapbooking Day to you, Grace. I like your LO's. They look like they were fun to create. Thanks for sharing them with us.