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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Alphabet frames

this post was supposed to be up yesterday (Friday) but since blogger was having some technical issues, it's not getting posted till today. Oh well!
Anyways, I love Land of Nod and Potterbarn kids. There's so much inspiration to be had there. Some of my favorite days is when I get my catalog in the mail and browse through each page, marking which ones speaks to me.

The big drawback about these stores are the high prices. It's expensive in my pocketbook! So what does this cheap crafty girl do? Copy it!!!
When I saw some alpha frames in their catalogs, the artwork starts at about $99. Holy Cow! How can I justify purchasing something like that when that same amount can feed my family for a whole week?
But to my advantage, I have a TON of scrapbook supplies that I can make my own alpha frame. And that's exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago.....


I was going through my stash and doing some spring cleaning when I came across a jar full of a hodge podge of letters. Chipboard, stickers and die cut letters. I was organizing them into alphabets and the light bulb in my head came on to make a framed alpha with them.

A while back, I got a frame pack which included 2 8x10 and 4 4x6 frames for a clearance price of $5 for the whole thing. I used the two 8x10 here. The frame was very simple and a bit of ugly so I covered the frame with ribbon.

I love how the hodge podge look created a lot of personality with this project.

here's the other frame. I made two, one for each of my children's rooms.

I used some humungous photo corners with stars (from my stash) on this frame. I felt that the star and blue added a masculine feel to the frame, perfect for my son's room.
so that's it. Total cost for me....about $10 for both frames. It's definitely a better price than PB's $99 one and it's one of a kind. this definitely works for me!
I just love how this craft can help me not just in making scrapbooks and cards but also to decorate my home.
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Nati Tristan said...

Those are very darling! I hope you have a wonderful weekend