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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Career day

Remember Career day in school? where you can go with one of your parents to their work and see what they do?

Well for yesterday's excursion that's exactly what we did. We got to tag along with Mitch while he did some work. It was neat to see parts of what he does for a living. Here's some photos.....

have you ever thought what's up with all those tall towers being built everywhere? Well they're cell site towers. They're popping out in about 2 mile radius of each other.

Mitch and I were debating which ones of the photos I took are ok to post here. I took a bunch for a future scrapbook layout and we wanted to add some on the blog but we thought long and hard which ones would't get my husband in trouble. These are the ONLY ones which we thought would be "safe".

I love to see my man hard at work.

It's also very exciting to see him in a totally new field. Never saw him to be the technology guy.

In one of the roads we were driving through, we saw this buffalo on the side of the road. It was so cool to see this wildlife here becauase (a) there are homes only yards away from this animal and (b) he seems to very content in where he is. There's no sign that he feels threatened eventhough there were a few cars, including us, that was stopping for a photo op.

Another reason why all of us went with Mitch is so that we can see more of Colorado. Since everything we need on a regular basis is within a 10 mile radius of our home, we dont' go outside of the city often and in this trip we were able to see places we could've have gone to.

Oh and in one of the sites that he went to, it was next door to a mall so while Mitch worked, the kids and I walked around the mall. I consider mall hopping as a tourist attraction too. Especially if they have the stores I dont have in my local mall.*wink*

At the end of the "work/play" day, we stopped by a storage center so Mitch can drop off some work stuff. I love places like these. They are quiet and the red garage doors were just screaming impromptu photo shoot!

Here's some I got of the kids....

I got the kids some cute Easter themed bubbles at Target and Maddie brought hers today. It was the perfect prop for this shoot.

She sure loves her bubbles!

and here's Marcus'

this was taken late afternoon/early evening so it was getting a bit chilly. I had Marcus put his hood on so he wouldn't shake during the shots.

I was trying to make him pose for me but because of the cold and he's (I'm getting too old for this mom) attitude, there weren't much variety that came out of him.

He looks cute though!

and because Asian's are famous for their jumpshots, I had to get one done! Marcus did a great job for taking this right on the moment and for not dropping my camera. :)

So that's it.

Till next time,


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Nati Tristan said...

Those are some fun pictures! Your kids are wonderful!