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Thursday, February 3, 2011

being crafty on a cold wintery day....

So today Marcus finally went back to school after two freebie days from it because of super cold weather. It was kinda good having both kids at home. They played together but often fought too. Especially when it came to playing the Mario game in the WII system.

On Tuesday the temp was -18 and with wind chills it was -50. Super cold I say. Now I understand why people spend too much on amenities INSIDE their homes. These are the days when you have to stay home and your home should be an environment where you'll be happy in. As you can see in the photo above, we don't have as much snow as the east coast people do but it was still VERY, VERY cold!

Anyways while staying home, I got a bit crafty. Here's what I made....

I added some fabric rosettes (so in right now) to a purse that I got at a steal of a price and made my 2011 planner.

Guess how much I paid for this purse???? $2.50! Yes that's how much I shelled out for this purse! I went to Payless shoe store a couple of weeks ago because I needed to purchase Maddie some new tennis shoes (my kids' feet grow so fast, I can't keep up) and they were having a buy one, get one half off sale. So I ended up purchasing some brown flats (so cute!) for $7 and then finding this purse for $5 which with the sale ended up half off. I was so excited with my purchase.

but as you can see the purse was a little plain for this crafty girl so I busted out some fabric scraps and made some rosettes to go with it. There's so many tutorials for rosettes out there that I'm sure you don't need me to share with you how I made it, or do you? Let me know.

and then I made my 2011 planner.

I've been making my own daily planner for three years now. People think I'm very organized and this little book is one of the reasons why I am. You can check out my planner from last year in this post.

I decided to make my own because of three reasons....One so that it's one less thing I have to buy; two so that I can use up my paper supplies. That's why I hoard pretty papers, so I can make pretty planners like these :) and three so that I can tailor the planner to how I use it. I learn every year.

Last year, I made a section with a month-a-glance sheets but realized that I don't use that section often. So this year I googled free wallet size 2011 calendar (there's no reason in making my own when there's a plethora of free ones online) and stuck that in the front.

I printed way too much weekly sheets from last year that I didn't need to print new ones this time. I cut them out to size and they filled the rest of the planner. I also added some sheets of paper on the back for doodles and important notes.

and then I used scrapbook supplies to dress up both front and back covers. Then binded them all together with my bind-it-all machine. Love that little baby!

Yesterday my family and I went to the library to stock up on movies and books that we can "entertain" ourselves with incase we need to be stuck at home for a few more days. I haven't checked out a recipe book in a while because I have a TON already but this one stuck out at me and went through it yesterday afternoon. See all the slips of papers on the top? I've marked a ton of recipes that I want to try and I'm sure these new recipes will pop out in the blog soon.

So there you have it. As you can see I love being home and I can find things to occupy myself with especially on those days that is bitter cold out there.

Stay warm and till next time,


hilde janbroers said...

love the bag and the journal!! great job!

Lalaine said...

super like your planner! so cute!!