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Thursday, February 10, 2011

What I love....post 4

We are on day 4 of my "love" post marathon. I have to tell you all, that doing this kind of post everyday makes me more and more excited about Valentines day.

So today I wanna share my love for CHOCOLATES!!!

I know right?, who doesn't love chocolates?!

And what better way to share chocolates than to make fun valentine hearts to go with them...

We had a snow day this week (again!) and I used that time to help Marcus put together his Valentines for his friends at school. Here he is personalizing each heart.

He was a bit sick this week with the cold so you might have noticed the "Rudolph-red" nose he was sporting.

I used my Cricut machine to cut 3 1/2" hearts from scrap paper, matted it with Kraft cardstock and trimmed the edges with a scallop scissor to give it that dainty look. I then stamped a "to" and "from" on the back where he wrote each classmates name and his name as well.

After he wrote the names, we hot glued the candy bars on the pattern paper side.

the bag of candy that we got happened to have been divided into red and blue wrappers. I used that to divide the candies, blues for the boys and reds for the girls.

Here's what it looks in the front.

and here's the view of the back.

As you can see, making Valentine treats is not hard at all and you are sure to get back some beautiful smiles, even kisses (if they're your family member *wink*) in return.

Have a great day and I'll see you here again tomorrow.

Till next time,

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