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Sunday, February 13, 2011

What I love....post 7

I can't believe this week is over and we are at our last day of my week long scattered posts of what I love. Something that I thought would be a good way to welcome one of my favorite holidays- Valentine's Day.

For my last post, I wanna share what I love the most in this whole wide world....


They are my rock, my support system, my cheering squad, my worst enemies, my best friends, my teachers, my students and the people that I live for.

A few weeks ago, we got the opportunity (of a lifetime) to be photographed by a professional photographer. If you've followed my blog for a while, you would know how I've longed for this moment. Having a pro photographer shoot us has just seemed to be too expensive for us to try but when we got our home here, we got a complimentary free session plus a free 8x10 photo from our Realtor. It was definitely a nice gift and we took it without hesitation.

When I called the photographer, we had decided to do an outdoor photo shoot and I made mention about how I wanted to incorporate the wonderful landscape we have in our area in our photos. Teresa Lee didn't hesitate and brought us to Ute Valley Park which has some gorgeous views of the mountain range especially the most famous Pike's Peak.

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.....

When I posted these photos at Facebook, some friends and family made me laugh when they commented if this was our property? Again, this is part of the park and NOT our home but I would love to think that since this is just a skip and a jump away from our home that we can call this part of our backyard. LOL.

Of course we wanted to coordinate with the clothes but not look to matchy match, so I got the color scheme from Marcus' sweater. I love the Navy blue and Gray color scheme plus I added denim to the mix. Luckily each member of the family had most, if not all of it, already in our closets.

When I send some proofs to family members to help us pick out our faves from the shoot, this photo was NOT anybody's favorite but let me tell you....this is my most FAVORITE of all. I love how we are all smiling and our hands/shoulders/bodies connected to one another show our bond with each other. Love it!

The shoot was taken place at 4pm and it was a bit chilly. Hence the reason why Maddie's hands are tugging in her sweater and she had a fake smile.

Mitch is not much for shoots like these ones but I love it. It shows the relationship between our family members and I'm glad he went along with it, even if he was feeling very awkward about it.

So that's some of what I love. What about you? Please do share too. I want to greet you guys an advance Happy Valentine's day and I hope we all get something sweet and/or lovely tomorrow.

Till next time,

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