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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Winter wonderland....

Yup more snow today. It's pretty out there especially with everything covered in white powder. The only bummer is that it means that people hibernate in their homes at this time. I mean seriously, if you go out there right now, the town will look like a ghost town! I guess I have to get use to a different kind of "winter" from now on.

Anyways let me share some photos...

On Friday, Marcus' school celebrated their 100th day of being in school. I thought it was a fun thing to celebrate. It probably gives the kids a sense of accomplishment knowing they've been in school for that amount of days.

Anyways, the teachers wanted to encourage the kids to be in the "celebrating" mood so they asked the kids to participate by wearing a decorated shirt filled with anything 100. Marcus and I brainstormed about what we would do and we ended up with a 100 button shirt. Thank goodness I have a room filled with crafty things that despite being home bound for most of the week we had enough buttons to complete our 100 shirt.

Marcus was the one that picked the buttons and the way we were going to lay it out on the shirt. Another thing I love about this activity, we were able to do some math. Yes Marcus had to count the buttons a few times from 1-100, just to make sure we have the right amount of buttons on his shirt.

After school I asked him how the shirts came out and he said that not all of his classmates did it. This made me extra proud of the effort that we made. He was one of those that stood out with his 100 button shirt!

Anyways, as I've said before we are experiencing some snow right now. Here's what we see out there...

view from the front window. It was a bit of a challenge to go to church this morning. Thank goodness for my husband's 4x4 truck. As you can see, the road had melted down a bit but this morning, it was pure white and that meant that it was harder to drive on it.

When I took this photo at about 1 this afternoon, this is what our temp outside was...27 degrees. Pretty cold, I say!

Shots from the backyard...

I would say we got about 3-4 inches of snow. Not so bad compared to the East Coast and I love how it's so powdery. Soft and easy to broom off.

So that's what it looks like around here. Hope you guys are keeping warm.

Till next time,

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