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Friday, February 18, 2011

Chicken Wire frame

As I mentioned in a past blog post, last week I was feeling very crafty. I think it has something to do with the recent unpacking I did. Uncovering supplies/items that I've totally forgotten I had brought me this sense of urgency to make something out of them.

One of the things I didn't realize I had a stash of was thick grosgrain ribbons that is meant for making hair bows. There was a store in California that I frequented before that was a ribbon mecca. I've made Maddie bows before but I felt like the technique that I was using needed to be updated so I went to google (my online bestfriend) and searched for hair bow making tutorials. As you might have imagined, there were tons and after spending a few hours brushing up on my hair bow making skills, I went to work.

After making the bows, next in the agenda was figuring out a good way of storing said bows. I thought about a wall system where I can clip and hang them. After another search on google, I came up with making a chicken wire frame.

I had a picture frame that sadly the glass broke during the move. I didn't want to get a new mirror put on it because I thought it was too expensive for the frame that it was so I opted to use this open frame as my base for my chicken wire project. The finished projects that I saw online had more ornate frames, and maybe I'll do that down the road but for right now, the plain frame worked for me.

The frame was initially black. I painted it pink for my daughter's room.

Now I'm not a very handy girl so I am grateful that my husband helped me with this project. He stapled the chicken wire behind the frame and he also helped me put it up on the wall. Don't you just love husbands that not only support our crafting obsession but also lends their "handy" hands when we need it? *wink*

It was the perfect organizational solution for Maddie's bows. The frame can hold any size and type of bow plus her headbands.

So that's it for today.

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lakmichaels2000 said...

Love the hair bow storage idea!! I hope you and your family are settling into Colorado life. Been thinking of you. By the way, loved your camera strap too.
Lyn (Lori's sister)

LCJinRoslynPA said...

I made frames similar to yours - only big ornate plastic ones I spray-painted silver and maroon to match my bedroom - but backed them with window screening for my earrings. The wires hook right into the mesh and they are all so nicely visible when I want to choose which to wear, and my husband says he likes to see them there too.
For hair bows and clips I made a GIANT bow with two long streamers of stiff double layered wire edged faux velvet ribbon and hung it on the back of the bedroom door opposite the mirror I use to do my hair. Just clip the hair bows to the streamers. I have them full-up after several years of collecting,but it has worked really well for me.