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Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday's Excursion- Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Went exploring again on Saturday. We wanted to check out Seven falls but with snow falling the day before they've closed the stairs to go up the falls that we decided it was not worth seeing that day.

on our way up the mountain we saw a deer. I know it's a bad photo, I was rushing to get my camera out of the bag and this is all I got. That's the first wildlife that I saw roaming around the roads since we moved here. It was pretty cool.

So anyways, while driving around to go to the falls, we saw signs to go to the zoo. We didn't want to waste our day and decided to try the zoo. Here are some of the photos of our trip...

We were so amazed at how close we can get to the giraffes. People can purchase crackers to feed them. It was so cool!

Here's a boar.

a meerkat



small monkey

this guy looks so sad.

black bear.



more birds


some type of cat. forgot it now.

our own cats. LOL.


the view from the observation deck of the zoo.

the family.

grizzly bear.


mountain lion



hippo's humongous mouth



and after our zoo trip we had a late lunch at Rudy's.

I discovered this place when I came to town in November to look for houses. I was an instant fan after that and ever since we've moved here, I've been begging Mitch to come eat here again. I'm so happy that he was impressed with the food like I was. The brisket was super soft and moist and full of flavor. Plus their buttermilk pie is to die for. I was in serious BBQ heaven while we were there.

so that's our latest day trip. Thanks for stopping by.

till next time,

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