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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finally some projects....

Let me tell you, I'm starting the new year with some wrong vibes. For some reason, I'm feeling very burned out and non enthusiastic. I tried to "find the positive side of things" as that was my mantra from 09 but for some reason I couldn't stop complaining.

But today while cleaning the house I got an epiphany........ I realized that most of my feeling discouraged comes from within. I stress myself too much because I can't let go of the "perfectionism". I'm sure I'm not the only one that have felt this way before.

So after realizing my dilemma, it turned out to be good cause now I came up with the most suited mantra for this year. I'm so excited about it and I'm finally feeling enthusiastic again. I will share this new vision in the next few days but for now since I'm in the "happy, let's get this job done, everything will turn out ok" kinda mood I'll share some projects.

These two things were made using some great Artsy Urban products from GCD Studios. These are not fresh from the scrapbook table but was done in December.

Food Trip

I was inspired to scrap these pictures because of the decorative borders in the collection that had "good food" in it. Fit my theme very well, don't you agree?

I love these clips, very vintage and yet works well with layouts such as these.

I actually layered two borders here, one with the decorative edges and the other with the words. I also love the colors of this collection. I honestly am not one to pick vintage looking stuff but I love that these products don't necessarily have to be used just for older photos.

2010 purse calendar

I made a similar calendar like this last year and decided to make my 2010 version a little earlier. I was feeling disorganized by mid December knowing I had deadlines in January. So I used the same template that I made last year and used some more great products from the Artsy Urban collection.

I love all the little "inspirations" that I can add to this calendar. It keeps me feeling happy and optimistic.

So that's all for now. Like I said, I'm feeling energized again so look for some "fresh" things in this blog and who knows maybe some "blog candy" as well.

Till next time,

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