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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day recap

Hope you guys had a great Valentine's day and your day was filled with flowers, chocolates, gifts and most of all love.

Well mine looked a bit like this...

Started off my day with a visit to the dentist and had a tooth extracted. Yup! no fun but after getting these.....

and the Vicodin kicked in, I was a happy camper.

Mitch was so nice that he drove me to and from my dental appointment, took me to Walmart to get my meds and treated me and Maddie for lunch at a soup and salad buffet restaurant.

Then we went home, Mitch went to work and soon after that Maddie and I attended Marcus class' Valentine's party.

I'm so grateful that this school is open to me bringing Maddie along. It's the only way that I can participate in class activities and I'm happy to have been there for the party.

The kids got a ton of Valentine cards and candies from their friends. They also played some games and had a parfait for a treat.

For dinner, we had a chicken casserole, green salad and I made my own homemade rolls to go with it.
I got the recipe here and I made half of the dough into a loaf and the rest for rolls. I was so thrilled to have finally made bread. I've attempted before but for some reason none of them worked until today.

Here's what I got from my family for Valentine's day...

Of course with my tooth extracted, I couldn't really enjoy the chocolates so I had my family take the first taste but I did tell them to save certain ones for me, like that one and only white chocolate cluster in the box.

Mitch said that he this year's bouquet to be different than the past years so he chose a mixture of all sorts of flowers. I didn't mind the change, I actually adore the orange rose. I think it's very beautiful.

So that's it. I've been running on Vicodin for the past two days and I'm happy as can be. Let's see when I've run out of that!

Till next time,

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Lori said...

Grace did your bread come out light and fluffy or dense? I tried my hand at bread making and it always came out a little on the dense side. ~Lori T.