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Friday, August 28, 2009

things that have pulled me away......

Hi all, yes I'm still here, just been very busy with some projects. Here's some of the things that have been pulling me away from blogging....

One of the things in my 29 list was to reorganize my scrapbooks. I realized that my system is not effective cause they're all organized by year, everything in one book. I thought that Marcus and Maddie (in the future) might want to take their own pages when they move out so I reorganized it for that purpose. Now each kid plus Mitch and I have separate books dedicated for pages about us and then all the holidays and event layouts will be in our family books. I have to say that it was a task that I didn't realize would take me 5 days to do. And the worst part, it's only partially done. I ended up needing more scrapbooks so the ones that are most recent went into a box while I wait for some money to purchase albums. The books that I want don't come cheap.

Here's some pics of my project...

I first divided them into groups- Mitch's pages, My pages, Events/holidays/trips goes in one pile (the tallest one), each kid's pile and so on.

Gathered all my existing albums (I prefer the 3 ring ones cause they're the easiest to add and take out pages from) and reassign them. The farthest three would be for family, the singles are for Mitch and I and the double ones are for Marcus and Maddie.

I wanted to take a picture of this pile with a ruler cause I still can't believe that I've made this much pages over the course of 5 years of scrapbooking. This is only the ones that will go to the family ones. It doesn't even include all the kids, Mitch and mine pages plus the kids' scrapbooks that went into their first year albums. Can you tell I'm addicted to scrapbooking? LOL.

Ok so if that project was not overwhelming enough, I had to move all my kitchen stuff back in this beautiful place....

Yes my kitchen is finally done!!! I'm so happy with it that trying to juggle getting my books done and getting stuff back in the kitchen seemed to be a fun chore for me.

oh how I've missed my stove and oven! I've been baking all sorts of goodies in there for the past week. And look at all the storage that we got now. Definitely a big improvement from the ones that we had before.

and see all those beautiful dishes and glasses on the top, I got most of them from my wedding and they've been sitting inside their boxes all these years. I was so happy busting them out from their boxes and displaying them.

Although most of the stuff has been put in, Mitch still needs to clean up his "crap" (tools and stuff) and move the microwave to it's place so I'm not going to post a panoramic picture of the whole kitchen until it's all the way it should be. Oh but just thinking about my new yellow walls makes me happy and inspired. *smile*

And because it is still summer and it's finally getting warm around here, I took the kids to a wading pool on Wednesday. We met some friends over at the Del Valle park in Lakewood. We were the first ones to arrive and the kids got to own the wading pool all to themselves for the first 30 minutes. Here's some pics of that...

it's shallower and smaller than the one we usually go to but Maddie enjoyed it a lot.

Look at how long her legs are. I can't believe how fast she's grown. Oh and I took the kids school shopping last friday and the both of their feets grew one whole size. Dang! I can't keep up with their growth spurts! Maddie is now a size 11 and Marcus is now a big kid size of 2.

Here's Marcus showing me a treasure that he found on the wading pool.

So there you have it. How was your week?

Till next time,

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*kim* said...

Wow! That is some major scrapbooking chick! Love that new kitchen...great color. Happy Weekend. :)