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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why was I so affected???

On Friday afternoon, while I was checking my email, I saw this little post in the front page of Yahoo that former Philippine President Cory Aquino has passed away from a year long battle with Colon Cancer. I was sad but I didn't realize that I would be glued to any video coverage, both on TV and online, that I can find about her passing, burial and funeral.

Yes for the past 5 days (Saturday through Wednesday) I was watching all the Filipino news I can find in my local TV plus videos I searched online. I even googled her and learned more about her life before and after her presidency.

Now after all this has passed, I sit here and wonder....Why am I so affected by her passing? I mean I didn't know her personally and I was still in Elementary when she took office so I can't really say I was mature enough to remember her and all that she did for the country.

But then again... I AM!!!! I didn't cry but I felt touched. Touched enough to be glued on the tube.

After some reflecting, I think I was affected because........

a. I am still Filipino even after all these years of being "americanized". That in some parts of me, I was sympathizing with the family cause it's in the genes. LOL

b. After reading some info on Pres. Cory Aquino, I learned that she was a stay at home mom before she ran for office. Talk about major career change! This bit of info was really intriguing and inspiring at the same time. How did she know how to do what she did with little experience? Unbelievable!

c. Another thing about her being a mom that struck me is her love for her children. She had five kids (like my mom) and I saw, through the videos of the wake, how much her children were affected by her. This definitely made me reflect on my personal relationship with my mother. Although because of my faith, I believe that death is not the end of it and that my family will be together forever but nonetheless, loosing a parent sure is a challenge.

d. Her passing and the news showing the many accomplishments she had done for the Filipino nation did remind me of my childhood. It also was a great reminder that I'm getting old. Imagine my shock when they were showing pictures of the first people power and her signature yellow color with the hand in an L shape symbolizing "laban" (fight) . I remember all of this and then the commentator saying it's been more than two decades since this historical moment....I mean two decades!!! Wow, has it been that long? Yeah that makes me feel old!

It was definitely been a week of different emotions for me. Gosh, imagine if I knew here in a personal level!

So that's all for now and we will get back to the crafty and happier toned posts soon.

Till next time,


Cassie said...

she sounds incredible!

i popped over to say CONGRATS!! check out the cuttlebug challenge blog today!

Anonymous said...

Grace, that's amazing. So reflective. And at the same time full of wisdom. You are getting to the next ladder of maturity. Analyzing things changes you view and gives you insights of things to come. Its a gift people miss many lessons in life because they are busy to stop and think. Good for you.