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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Field trip Wednesday *photo heavy*

Ok, I know it's not Wednesday today but now that I finally have sometime to upload and go through the pictures of my Wednesday field trip, I thought I'd share with my blog readers....

My brothers we're both off on Wednesday and Gary was raving about this great eatery that serves Brazillian BBQ. I was intrigued, I mean what's the difference between a regular BBQ and the Brazillian one. And lucky me, since I'm off on Wednesday too, we made a plan to go on a little field trip to downtown LA.

We first drove to the Farmer's Market. We didn't get to go all the way around the place, too many people and my kid's were just not interested in walking around without touching things. I'm telling you, my kids are sometimes worse than Curious George! Here are some shots that I got from there...

and here's the Brazillian BBQ place....

The price was a little high for my taste but since I'm into trying new things (and my brothers paying the bill) I was all for it. The cool thing about this place is that they lay all the food on a buffet style. You pick the salad, sides and meat you want. Price is $9 per pound and there's 7 meats to choose from. You can pick one or all of them if you want. I tried the lamb, spicy chicken and sausage. Being that it's my first time there, I didn't know what to expect as far as taste but after the meal, I have to say that I'm going to give this place a solid 8 (10 being the highest). There were some meats that had more flavor than others like the sausage and chicken but they were all good. Even the side dishes were yummy. I especially liked the veggie fried rice, pasta and cheese roll. Definitely worth the trip!

After lunch we headed to the Grove which was just beside the market. We walked around a bit. It's a good thing it was another small place or we would've been disappointed that we didn't see it all.

All the high end stores where in that shopping center. I even got to go in the Anthropologie store. Wow talk about great place for inspiration. Their window design alone filled me with great ideas. I also liked browsing through the clothes but I know that I can never afford them, they're just way too expensive for this cheap girl. LOL.

Another funny story I want to add to our window shopping....while we were walking Gary mentioned out loud that he wanted to go to the Apple store. Gary, George and Alleli (George's girlfriend) all wanted to go and sounded excited. Well Marcus heard their conversation and he too got excited. He said..." There's an apple store here?" and we replied "yes". He goes on " that soooo cool, I wanna go too" By this time, I realized that he was thinking of a different apple, the real apple fruit! I told him that the "apple" store that everybody was talking about was for computers and not the fruit kind. Everybody, of course, got a big chuckle from this. Sure got to love kids' innocence.

The highlight of our trip here was the tram. The kids, especially Maddie, said that this was her favorite part.

we sat on the top part and although it was a little bit warm (being that it was around noon time) we enjoyed it cause we got to see all the parts of the Grove that we couldn't have seen if we were walking down on the streets.

After that we decided to drive on over to Little Tokyo. It was a little drive from where we were at. Somehow Gary's GPS on his phone was taking us through the scenic route. After about 35 minutes of driving we finally got there and the first thing we did.... get some yogurt at PinkBerry's.....

expensive but again because I'm not paying for it, I was not complaining. *wink*

After that we were off across the street to the Japanese Village Plaza..

I have to say, they don't call this "little" Tokyo for nothing. It was only a street size from end to end with just shops and little restaurants to see. It was still an interesting place to visit though.

I made it a point to hand the camera to my brothers once in a while during this trip and here's one that George got of me and the kids.

I look at this picture and I can't believe how my babies have grown.

So there you have it, fun times with family and great places we can check off our checklist of "seen it" places. Definitely one of the lucky things to be living in Southern California is that there's interesting places all around us and they're just a matter of a drive away. Thanks bros and Ali. :)

Till next time,

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Allison said...

Fun trip! And fun to see pictures of your brothers--man have they grown! :)