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Sunday, August 2, 2009

#24. get back to sewing

I haven't talked about the 29 things I wanted to accomplish this year but it's been on my mind. Oh and how sweet are my family commenting to help out. Hugs and kisses to my sweet family.

Anyways got one checked off this week...

the goal: #24. get back to sewing. Accomplish a simple sewing project.
A friend is expecting her third child anytime soon so I thought it would be the perfect time to visit the fabric section of JoAnns, use the sewing machine for stitching fabrics (and not just papers) and get to work on a goal.

and here's the result...

I got inspired to make the bib from this blog. Really easy! But before you roll your eyes and say "yeah right".... it is easy but I still made some mistakes on it! It was my fault though, I don't really think things through some time. I forgot to clip some parts of the fabric before I turned it right side up so there's parts the sewing are bunched up. Does that even make sense? Oh well.

I added ribbons to it. The lady in the tutorial added some to her project and I thought it was cute so I followed her lead.

I made the bib double side. It's been a while since I've roamed the fabric aisles and I have to say.... there were cute prints all over the place. I'm definitely going to start saving those 40% coupons for fabrics too.

Moving on.... I loved the bib project that I embellished some onesies to go with it.

I tried to cut the fabric from the Cricut expression but realized that I really do need the deeper blade for the fabric so I just cut out paper, traced it onto fabric fusing then to the fabric. A longer process but hopefully one of these days I can invest on those deep blades. I wasn't happy with how I embroidered it. It's too imperfect! I can definitely say that I'm not good at sewing. I guess that's why I was never into it when I was young.

Because my projects were not that great, I tried to package it pretty. *laugh*

So one down and 28 more to go. Yippee!

Till next time,


JJ Sobey said...

I think these came out great!

(don't worry babies are not harsh critics, LOL!)

robin said...

Hi Grace,

Just popping over to see what you're up to. Love these sewing projects!