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Sunday, June 7, 2009

what a weekend.......

I sure didn't realize that you can cram so much activities in one weekend but this past one sure showed me!

I went to work
Went home to have a late lunch with family
Off to Lowe's to get paint and floor supplies for the kitchen
Talked with my sister Gem on the phone
Attended a baptism
Went to Scrapbook store to use a coupon about to expire
Got a haircut
Went to Arbys for dinner
Got the kids ready for bed and did dishes
Colored my hair
Checked my email
Helped paint the kitchen walls
Finally hitting the hay at midnight

Early church meeting
Attend Church services
Clean the house
Fed the kids lunch
Cat nap
Mom and Dad visits
Home teachers visits
Make Calico beans and chocolate cake (in the crockpot) for dinner
Had Amanda and Grandma for dinner
Did dishes
Cleaned up scrap space
Go online

Here's some of my fave pics this weekend....

Here's my dear hubby getting the walls ready with a primer.

Picked up the wall paint at Lowe's. We're going with yellow walls. I'm a little afraid at how bright the yellow will look but I think it'll all work out.

A new do for me. I was getting tired of putting my hair in a pony tail day in and day out.

took this photo of the Maddie just before we left for Church. See the yellow wall? What do you think? Oh and her outfit came from the Philippines. My dad went there a week ago and he came home with some gifts for us. This is the dress he got for Maddie. She looks darling in it!

Of course I can't pass up a new photo of Marcus too. He's almost done with Kindergarten and I'm still in shock!

and finally my fave shirt right now. It says "Filipina since birth". My dad got us all some fun shirts when he was in the Philippines and this is what I got. I LOVE it!

How was your weekend? Hopefully you had a great one and with more downtime than I did.

Till next time,


*kim* said...

Oh I love those yellow walls!
How cool of your Dad to bring back such cool gifts! that dress is precious!:)

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

cute shirt! where did your dad get them from? haha...

mom's going to manila in a few months, might ask her to get a shirt or 2!! heehee..