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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our June so far *photo heavy*

Today is just the 11th day of the month but it seemed like my family have had a ton of events that should last us until the end of the month! I wanna take a few minutes to recall the past events. I know my family awaits these kinds of posts plus I get some scrapbooking journaling done!

June 2nd
Maddie's Preschool Carnival

At the end of every school year, the Mommy and me preschool that I take my kids too always have a big themed party/activity. Last year it was an olympics type of theme and this year it was Carnival. Maddie had been ill the past couple of days prior to the event so I didn't know how she'd do but she did ok. At first she didn't wanna do any of the stations, she just wanted to play with her friend Danica. But then after a pushes from dear old mom, she did enjoy it. Here's some of our favorites from the activity....

this one was in the middle of an obstacle course. It was sprinkling the whole time we were there so that kinda bummed me out.

look at this muscle girl! All the activities were very cute, I might just steal some of the ideas for a primary activity. *smile*

this pompom throwing activity was one of those stations were she actually started to enjoy. It took her about 6 throws before she got one in the hole though.

Another station that brighten up her day was the face painting table. She wanted the designs on her hand instead. The images were supposed to be a rainbow and a flower, so sorry it's not that great, Mom realized she can only work her magic with papers and not face painting mediums and kid's skins.

and to top off a great activity she had pizza and a juice box. Definitely a great activity to end a great school year!

June 9th
Maddie's last day at preschool and it was a big graduation ceremony.

the kids all got to "parade" in their "togas" (Dad's white shirt) and homemade caps. They were all very cute.

here's one of my favorite shots of that day. I love it when the parents/grandparents all crowd the kids like paparazzi's armed with their cameras and camcorders. Love it!

and here's my little girls turn to get her certificate. I love that our dear teacher, Mrs. Hom, always say something personal and unique about each kid. She says their improvements, strenghts and achievements. We are definitely lucky to have her as our children's first teacher outside of our home.

June 10th
Amanda's in town and her birthday is on the 22nd. Since she'll be back in Texas at that time we figured now is the best time to celebrate so we took the family out to T.G.I. Fridays yesterday for dinner. Here's some fun shots....

Can you believe these are our children now! They've all grown up. All looking more mature than last year. This picture just touches my heart so much. They all make motherhood so much more meaningful for me.

a daddy-daughter shot.

and in my goal to be present in all activities/events, I handed the camera over to Mitch so I can take a pic with Amanda.

So after eating and visiting here's Marcus still eating.....

I just realized that he's now the official family "vacuum". He ate his pizza plus mandarin oranges then Maddie didn't finish her pizza so he ate that then some of her fries and finished it off with Amanda's leftover birthday ice cream. Dang! that dude can eat!

oh and another thing to add for this month is that one of Marcus' artwork made in school is up on display at a local bank. The Teacher's Credit Union bank over at the Cerritos Town Center has some projects from local kids' up on their walls and we saw Marcus' handmade jelly fish up on display. I had my big camera at that time but didn't check the battery so I didn't get a shot for proof. I had my camera phone but somehow can't send the picture from the phone to my computer for saving and showing off. Oh well. Somethings I just need to choke up to experience.

Plus, Mitch is planning to get some of our kitchen cabinets installed this weekend. I'm so excited that the ball is rolling now with our remodeling project.

So there you have it, life is full right now and that's just how we like it.

Till next time,


2kolory said...

Hello, Grace!
My name is Nataliya and I also have won in the challenge "Home Sweet Home" as you have. Have you received any prize and if yes, what was it, because I haven't yet. Thank you for your answer. My email is: nataliyaor@yahoo.com

Amber said...

Hey Grace...just wanted to say thanks for the RAK...I already put it to good use! Check it out here: http://amberscurlock.blogspot.com/2009/06/painted-purple-canvas-and-birthday-card.html

Thanks again!