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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Monday

Yesterday I busted out the camera to take pictures of some projects and also of the Kitchen. Then I decided to do a photo collage of my Monday. Here's the breakdown....(1) We got a bunch of Mangoes from my parents and the kids and I were filling up on them in the afternoon. Sweet mangoes always reminds me of summer back in the Philippines. (2) My yellow colored fruit basket. The kids keep on asking me if the bananas are riped already. We always get them green at Costco and it takes a few days before they're ready to be eaten. (3) Since we colored our kitchen walls yellow, my mom was inspired to give me these. She picked it up somewhere and the colors reminded her of my "yellow" kitchen. She's so thoughtful. (4) Our kitchen remodeling's finally moving along in leaps and bounds. Last Saturday, Mitch and a friend put up some cabinets. It's so exciting seeing it come together now. See that box in the middle of the cabinets on the bottom? Our brand spankin new dishwasher's inside that box. I can't wait to use it. (5) Mitch also started on our floors. Here's the backer board all installed. Next step, the tiles! Woohoo! (6) Finally got the TV in my room hooked up with a dtv converter. It only took the deadline for the dtv conversion to get me to install my converter. I love it though, I'm getting addicted to all the extra channels. I especially love the live well chanell (7-2) and the Create challenge (58-3). (7) load of laundry on my bed. Here's what my bed looks like every Monday afternoon. After an average of 8 loads, I spend my afternoon folding ALL of these. It's a lot but I like to get them out of the way earlier in the week so I don't have to worry about them later. and finally (8) my messy scrap space. I made a couple of cards and started on a page last Sunday and didn't get them cleaned out. What a mess!

I loooovvveeee random Mondays.

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