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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Be Creative week day 6 and 7

Wow what a day! Another day of totally blowing off all my plans to come in here and finish off our fun Creative week. So sorry. But I did have great excuses of not being able to log on. I had church all morning. From now on I have to wake up at 6:45 am so I can make a 7:30 am meeting. Let's see how long I can keep up with that.
After church, I cleaned up the house then took a cat nap only to be awaken cause Mom and Dad came to visit. Then our home teachers came; then we got a call from Amanda (our daughter who's in the military) that she's arrived in California today. She took a leave to come visit cause she's having a birthday this month. There was seriously no downtime ALL day. But it was all great, got to go to church, saw my parents, visiting with home teachers and got to visit with Amanda. All good!

Anyways, onto our final creative assignment. I wanted to post this one on a weekend since it was a great excuse to get out and have fun with your family but since the weekend flew by so fast, maybe you can file this one in the "soon to do" file.

This exercise is a pretty easy one. All you'll need is your family, a great activity or place to visit and your camera. The weather this time of the year is the perfect one to get out there and enjoy the scenery. Here's some samples of my pictures I took last summer....

one with a water theme. Took this one in our local water fountain by the library.

one at the park while Maddie's enjoying a slice of apple. This was actually two summers ago. Wow I can't believe how much she's grown compared to this photo.

don't forget to include yourself in the photos. You're part of the activity to make sure you document that as well. You can hold the camera yourself and make a weird pose like I did on the picture above or...

hand the camera to somebody else. My son took this photo on our trip to San Diego. Look at me with all my hiking gear!

You can even take this experiment and give your least expensive camera to your kids and let them explore with it. You'll get a different perspective plus it'll be a cute theme to scrap. Here's a digital page that was published in the Scrapbook Trends magazine (March 2009 issue) of my son having a little fun with the camera.

So there you have it, I hope you had fun playing along with our creative week. Tomorrow I'll compile all the comments from all the Be creative post and pick a random winner. If you've been reading the posts but have not yet commented you still have a chance. There's a nice pack of scrapbook supplies set aside for a lucky winner.

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