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Friday, June 5, 2009

Be Creative week day 5

We're nearing the end of our creative week. Are you exhausted? inspired? motivated? or just plain bored? Hope not the first and last!

Anyways today's post is another tip. Since I billed this creative week with kids' in mind, how about going through your stash, collecting items you no longer want, put them in a box, decorate the said box if you wish and give it to the kids the day after school ends as a summer gift. I know they'd be surprised that (a) they get a gift after a successful school year and (b) it's stuff that they can do whatever they want with.

Here's what I did....

I was going through my scraps yesterday. I didn't feel inspired to create so I decided to organize a little bit in my space. I think this is a very healthy break for your creativity. It rejuvenates all the senses (I think) and makes you look at your stuff in a new and fresher light. Try it, it's great!

Anyways, through my cleaning up, I had an idea that instead of throwing out pretty good papers, some still in big sizes, I can gather them up with some other stickers and tools that I don't want and give it to my kids. Now I've done this thing already before but not in a way that I've put it in a kit and called it a "gift". I think the part that it's a gift would make it very exciting for the kids, for my kids anyways!

I also added some glue sticks in there, so they're ready to craft whenever they want.

I used some more letter stickers from that sticker book that I shared yesterday to dress up the cover of the box. By the way the box is a shipping box I got from a publishing company when they've returned my project. It's a perfect size for 12x12 papers. If you don't have this, you can always use a USPS priority mail box or a clean empty pizza box.

The reason why I wanted to share this is because, I know for me, I've told my kids' that my "stuff" is OFF LIMITS to them! No little hands is to touch my scrapbook supplies. Yes, I'm stern but that's the rule in my house! Anyways, I think by giving my kid's my old stuff, they can get a sense that they can be a part of Mommy's "addiction". With this way I'm including them in my hobby. They don't know it's old stuff.

I'm excited to give this to the kids after school ends and who knows we might be spending a lot of time in the scrap space since "all" of us have supplies to use. *wink*

I have one last idea to share tomorrow and then we'll wrap it all up on Sunday.

Till next time,


*kim* said...

I have enjoyed your Creative Week! I totally love what you did by taking your cast out supplies and turning them into such a fun treasure for your kiddos! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

i've got lots of scraps and stuff i won't use anymore, and this is the perfect idea!

i can set up a box for my niece and nephew - keep them occupied befoe they resume back to being the li'l monkeys that they are. haha..