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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Under construction

Mitch and I are finally doing something with our kitchen! It's been in the plans since last year and I'm so excited that we're finally in the execution part. Of course this is the messiest, most stressful part but I can't wait to step on my new tile floor and prep food in my new granite countertop and put my stuff away in my new oak style cabinets.
I know I've been saying "my new" alot but Mitch has been so kind to let me pick all the things so far. I'm telling you, it's going to be great!!!!
Here's our kitchen right now....

Hopefully in a month or so, I can repost this picture as a before picture and put a much different and of course more pleasing "after" picture next to it.

and here's how we are going to live for the next few days....

Everything was moved to the family/living room. Glad we had room there enough to fit the dining table and all the kitchen stuff. That's Mitch putting the refrigerator on the corner. It's standing next to our entertainment system. Bet you don't see that set up in a normal house plan before. LOL

And all our stuff are in boxes right now.

As for cooking.... Mitch set up our camping stove in the backyard for that. I'm also planning on cooking a lot with my crockpot and the microwave. Can anybody recommend some great microwave recipes? This is definitely going to be an adventure! but in all honesty, I'm not too stressed about the cooking part, it's the washing/cleaning dishes that I'm not looking forward too. I mean, using buckets or small bathroom sinks just doesn't scream efficient and comfortable to me, but then I just have to remember the prize at the finish line, right?!

Will definitely keep you guys updated on the major project!

Till next time,

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