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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

all the girly things

Ok so let's pause a little bit from all the "crafty" posts that this blog's been doing and let's focus our attention to girly things. After all this household has two of them and I'm lovin all the cute, feminine things that I have been seeing around here.....

First, I got this at Target yesterday.

I initially went in there cause I heard that Target was clearancing a lot of their scrapbook merchandise. I didn't have any luck with my local target since most of the sale items were gone, so I decided to look around instead. Window shop, for inspiration, of course *wink* Then came across the purse in the clearance section. I fell in love with the happy color and fun design on it. It just screams spring to me. Don't you think so? Oh and it was only $7! Definitely a must have!

Then we have these.....

I'm finally pulling these out of my sweet daughter's drawer cause as of Sunday she was officially potty trained! Woohooo!!! I have to tell you that it was a long time coming. We started it last year but after a couple of days of trying we would end up reverting back to diapers. Finally on Friday, I was almost out of the diapers and decided that I would try again. I made such a big hype about being a "big" girl and for some reason, this time it worked! Well the skittles reward helped a little too. hehehehehehehe! She even refuses to wear a diaper at night. She thinks that I will wake her up when she needs to go to the bathroom. Funny kid!

Aeropostale is now selling some cute flip flops. I got this one and decided that it's time for me to put some color on my toenails and since my girl was showing so much maturity, I thought of rewarding her by letting her color her toenails too. Oh was she ecstatic about that!

and yesterday, Maddie and I jumped on the trampoline. Dad was out doing some home teaching and Marcus was taking a nap so we figured we'd have some fun bonding time and take pictures too.

darn that camera strap!

I'm so proud of my little Madelyn. She's truly a gem to have. I love that we're both girly girls. She never complains when we go shopping, especially at Tallmouse, which just happens to have a gum ball machine at the entrance; She loves all the Princesses and I love seeing her twirl around in her many costumes; She makes me laugh when she tries to copy what I say, like "whatever you say" or "do you understand me?" and she gives me courage with every hug and kiss.

I'm so grateful to have her and look forward to the many things we have yet to share together.

Till next time,

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