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Friday, March 27, 2009

Bumper bowling

First off, I wanna say thank you for the sympathy and kind words I received about my "cold shower" complain. Just to update, Mitch finally was able to bring hot water back into our home last night (Thursday). Woohooo! I can't wait for my warm shower tonight! *wink*

Ok so onto the main purpose for this post. Maddie's preschool class took a field trip to our local bowling place on Tuesday. I rarely take her to the school's field trips cause we've pretty much done it before but this one was a first for her so I knew we couldn't miss it.

But of course, since my week was stressful and overwhelming, this activity wouldn't be complete without a little "problem" to tackle. You see, the kids' feet were too small for any of the bowling shoes in the place so the teacher asked that if they (kids) could wear white sole tennis shoes. This way we can prevent any scuffs and scratches on the floor. Made sense! But being the overwhelmed person that I am this week, I spent all that morning scrambling for some shoes for Maddie to wear that fit the bill and I couldn't find one! So I had to run to Walmart and get her some new shoes. When I got there, I was surprised that there where no white sole shoes! How can that be?! Finally after going through them, I found one, hurried home, had to hand wash some of the kids clothes (cause at this time we still didn't have our washing machine set up) cleaned up and then hurriedly went to the bowling place. When I got to the place, guess what....... the sole underneath Maddie's shoes wasn't all white after all. Crap! By this time, I was so tired (and this was only 10 am) that I didn't care. Luckily nobody checked and we were all good.

So onto the good stuff....Maddie enjoyed her time (I think) She was a little bored in the beginning. Everybody (moms, teacher and bowling attendant) were all busy getting everybody situated that the kids were kinda left to entertain themselves. But after a few rounds of bowling she was getting it. The ball was heavy for her and most of the time, she would just roll it.

My favorite part is seeing her reaction as the ball slowly reaches the pins. I love her many facial expressions.

it was fun! and to top it all, my little girl won! Woohoo!

so to treat her, we had lunch at Burger King.

This girl deserved her reward. *smile*

Till next time,

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Rochelle said...

Great pictures Grace!!! Love them! Can't wait to see you scrap them!