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Sunday, March 8, 2009

National Craft Month

Did you know that MARCH is the official "National Craft Month"?

Well since I have officially dubbed myself as a Paper ambassador. I strongly feel that that's one of my purpose in why I continue to do what I do. I wanna invite anyone out there that have been thinking of crafting, most specifically "paper" crafting to get up and DO IT!!!

Why this month?

Because the time to start crafting is TODAY. When we put it off, we just end up not doing it at all. We create too many excuses that at the end we believe those excuses. If you're overwhelmed, start small. If you're intimidated into trying out new things, grab a pattern, idea book or try a class and just DO IT!!! Remember even the most talented and creative people started somewhere. They didn't just wake up one day and was extremely crafty. Though I wish I was. *wink*

Because it is Craft month, I betcha there's going to be a lot of great sales at your local craft store. It's the best time to check out what Michaels, Joanns, local scrapbook store and even online stores have cooked up to get you into their store. Remember retail would use any kind of holiday/special events just so that they can have sales and you'd want to come in their store. Believe me, I know!

Crafting can be very therapeutic. Having your hands do all the work while you rest your mind is very relaxing. Of course there's a little bit of thinking here and there but I'm telling you, even when I'm picking what pictures to scrap or which colors to use on my next card, I'm still very relaxed.

It's the best time to do it yourself. With all the cost of things going up and all the financial problems many are facing now. Doing your own invitations or making a personalized gift is the way to go. It's economical, gives you that good feeling knowing you made it yourself and your recipient would appreciate the personal touch you added to your gift.

So now that I've shared some reasons on "why" to craft, it's time for you to execute and commit to do something "crafty". Again start small and be realistic.

My goals for this month.......

1. Finally finish this felt quiet book that I've been draggin myself to accomplish.

Did you know that I've been making this since Marcus was a toddler. Yes that's over 3 years ago and I'm still not done. It's funny cause my kids would be too old to use it now but I'm determined to still finish it. This month's going to be the month I'd check this off of my list!

2. Finish the reward charts that I've planned in my head since late last year. My kids are good but I think a chart will motivate them more to continue doing good.

3. Accomplish all the challenges and projects that I've planned this month. There's a lot out there and sometimes they're the best inspirations to use for your next project/page.

So if you're with me, raise your right hand and repeat after me......

I (state your name) will inject a little craftiness in my life this month. Today is the day and I won't make any excuses. I will pledge to visit my local craft store and try something new. I'm going to start small and be realistic. I will give someone a handmade gift. And most importantly, I'm going to have fun!!

If you've been inspired, be sure to let me know what you've planned to do this month. I'd love to hear, see or read about them.

Till next time,

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Delilah said...

I had no idea that it was national craft month. I love that! I try to do something crafty at least once a week but boy does it get hard when you've got a two year old and a three month old in tow! :)