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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a new page

ok so after my "card" making weekend, I decided to make a page. This was inspired by scheme #14 at this blog. As soon as I saw the color scheme of the "ad", I knew exactly what pictures to use. It was the perfect combination to use for Mitch's birthday layout. The shirt that he was wearing popped out more bec. of the color combo that I used.

Your birthday bash

The bobunny swirl paper was perfect cause it had all the orange and red hues that I was looking for.


Mitchell’s birthday fell on a Wednesday night. We went to Anaheim Garden walk, a new place just around the corner from Disneyland for his birthday dinner. He was celebrating his big 4-0, so it was just fitting that we celebrate with a bang! So we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (yum!) with his parents and his high school buddy Ken and his wife Angie. Tonight he ordered their Jambalaya dish and I tried their Thai pasta with chicken. Yum-O! I got the waiters to sing the birthday song to Mitch. You can tell he feels very awkward having all the attention focused on him but he was a good sport about it. After dinner we watched “Batman, The Dark Knight” on Imax. It was a great movie, quite scary at times but it was overall a good watch. All in all, I think Mitch had a good time turning 40. The best part, in my opinion, he doesn’t look a day like his age! September 17, 2008.

My mom finally took her Cricut home and yes I was a little sad but now I'm going through my alpha stash again which was a little neglected bec. of the cricut.

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