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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm jumping for joy...........


me jumping on the trampoline, having fun with my son and our camera.Gotta love the sports mode.

and figuratively because of these......
I have been so fortunate to have these two digital layouts picked up for the March issue of Scrapbook Trends

Your Point of View

Lucky shot

and my little daughter's becoming famous around her preshcool class because of this picture which is in the April issue of Creating Keepsakes.

This is funny cause the first time I saw this in print was when one of the mom's at preschool showed me her copy of the magazine. She said, she was browsing through it and then came to this picture and had to take a second look at it cause the face looked familiar. Hehehehehehe.

and finally a couple of pictures that I love right now. It's Maddie during the schools' St. Patrick's day "gold" hunting.
Here she graciously posed for me while I *try* to get a good shot of her and her "gold".

and this one is when she wanted me to keep her treasures for her.

I love that this picture shows how close (literally and figuratively) we are right now. Seriously we are inseparable right now. We do everything together and have I told you that she's the perfect child to shop with? She would ask me every 10 minutes if she was being a good girl!

I'm such a lucky girl!

Till next time,


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pub in Scrapbook Trends....You KNOW they're my favorite publication!


Queen of Paper said...

WOOHOO Grace! I saw your two layout yesterday when my copy showed up at my door :) I'm so excite for you!

You're on a roll sista!

becca said...

great layouts!!! you are rocking the publications! your daughter is a doll! Great photography too. :)