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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our First Performance

Over at the MM blog, Crystal Jeffrey Rieger had a great color combo challenge that I just had to try. I wanted to see how a "twist" on a classic combo would look like when I put them together. I have to say I'm lovin this combo and had definitely opened my eyes to trying new hues of classic colors.

So this layout was all about my kids participating in a dance routine for our stake's (church) big anniversary program last October. The blue in my little girl's skirt fit the combo perfectly that I knew I had a match!
I wanted this page to have a focus on the pictures since I had a few here so I limited my embellishments to just buttons and a ric rack. The hand cut flowers from a paper by American Crafts.

the journaling says...

Our stake had a big 50th year anniversary celebration and they've asked the primary of each ward to perform a dance to the tune of a 50's song. Our ward picked "Splish splash". The best part for me was seeing my two kids be a part of the show. At first Marcus was very hesitant to participate. I didn't push the issue too much because, well frankly I didn't want the headache, until finally his Dad got him to commit and I'm so thankfully Mitch go to him. At the end Marcus said he had a lot of fun and that he'll do it again. I didn't have any problems convincing Maddie to dance. All I have to say was that she'll get to wear make up and she was right on board. Now the problem we had with her was her short attention span. On most parts of the dance she was oblivious to what was happening and by the time she gets the steps they've moved on to another routine. Funny kids! I made sure Marcus and Maddie were partners so that I can teach them the parts of the dance at home and they'd know exactly what each other need to do on the stage. It was hard work getting to accomplish this task but I’m glad we, especially my kids, stuck to it. This is definitely a memory never to be forgotten.

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