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Sunday, March 1, 2009

exhausted yet happy

I'm exhausted bec. I spent pretty much all day doing my scrapbook classes. Either preparing for it or actually giving/executing it. Lots of talking on my part but I think it went well. I love it when I get people that are just starting to get into this hobby super excited about it. It makes me feel great that I can rub off some of my papercraft enthusiasm to people outside of the hobby. Good stuff!

and Happy because of so many things....
-The classes were succesful and all kits were sold. First time since I started teaching classes.
-Last night after the kids went to bed, I watched my all time favorite movie with hubby.

I think this movie has everything good going in it- a great story line/premis, great actors, set at my favorite time period (old English time) and a great moral lesson. If you've never seen it, oh you are missing a ton!!!

-On friday I finally brought my camera to Marcus' school and got this photo of him and his principal.

why all the fuss? that artwork on the Principal's door is Marcus'. His artwork was chosen from all the kindergarten class by the school to be brought to a national artwork exhibit in Santa Clara a month ago. They only brought 6 artworks and his' was one of them. When they got back from the exhibit, they posted them all over the school and his painting was chosen to be placed infront of the Principal's office. How cool is that!!! I'm so proud of my little Picasso.

-another month has started and that means new challenges to try out. If you're like me then you're probably scouring the message boards and blogs for new things to try out. Well I have my challenge at SCS up today so try it out. Here's my sample:

-and finally just a little plug for a good friend and a great cardmaker that FINALLY opened up her etsy store. Check her great handmade cards here.

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Kristi said...

I thought I'd just say hi since we share a last name. Perhaps we're related somehow . . .

Queen of Paper said...

This is such a cute layout. I love those tags. Hey, there is a call out for Scrapbook Trends about "Simple" You should turn this in ;)